New: Vancery Case Study

Interested in learning more about how Vancery works? Read our new case study.

Meet Alan

Vancery member Alan Robertson is a retired former executive of a nationwide cold storage warehousing company. Uncontented with retirement life and wanting to “stay in the game,” Alan began investing in real estate in his free time. He was soon introduced to expert networks through a friend who suggested they were a good way to stay tapped into the trends that were shaping the real estate industry.

However, Alan soon found that being part of an expert network wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Enter Vancery

Frustrated with the inefficiency of expert networks, Alan knew there had to be a better way to engage with the real estate industry. He went online and found Vancery. 

Alan was drawn to the simplicity and efficiency of the platform. Because Vancery connects experts directly with clients, Alan is only ever contacted by companies who know he has the knowledge they need. And having the ability to set his own hourly rate made joining the platform a no-brainer.

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