To Pay Now or Later – eCommerce Case Study

In this case study, we demonstrate how a hedge fund leveled-up their knowledge of eCommerce installment payments.

The Challenge

When one Vancery client became aware of the growing prevalence of “buy now, pay later” payment options online, they saw an opportunity to invest. But before committing any capital they needed to complete due diligence. The client needed to understand things like the types of products consumers were buying using installment payment options and how frequently they were using the services. After struggling to find this information through traditional research outlets, that did not have access to installment payment experts, the client turned to Vancery.

The Solution

The client needed to talk to eCommerce directors and C-level executives at top consumer retailers to gain knowledge and insight into the space. On Vancery they were able to quickly and easily connect with these executives and level-up their knowledge.

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