What is a Professional Exchange?

We get this question a lot when we talk to people about Vancery so we wanted to write a blog post to help people understand what Vancery is and what it means to be a Professional Exchange.

Vancery is a community composed of experts who want to share their knowledge and grow their own understandings of the world by interacting with others on the platform. The goal of our technology is to let this knowledge flow as seamlessly as possible. 

We call our community a Professional Exchange.

A Professional Exchange harnesses the power of professionals by removing the boundaries of space and familiarity and allowing them to help one another in a peer-to-peer fashion.

Members are both knowledge seekers and knowledge providers. While consultations are monetary transactions, every engagement between members on Vancery is a two-way street of knowledge sharing.

Professionals do not need to rely on their social networks for new perspectives. On Vancery they can cut through the noise and seamlessly find the knowledge they need.

Interested in becoming a member of Vancery? You can sign-up here.

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