Vancery Compliance

Introducing the Vancery Compliance Framework

At Vancery, compliance is built into all parts of our platform and is an integral part of each stage of the consultation process. In this blog post, we’ll highlight some of the core components of the Vancery Compliance Framework.

Compliance Training  

Consultants who join Vancery must complete mandatory compliance training modules and a compliance test before becoming eligible for consulting opportunities. The material covered is primarily focused on the importance of not disclosing any Material Non-Public Information (“MNPI”) to the client. Once they complete the modules and the test, consultants understand what topics they can and cannot discuss with the client.

Consulting Attestations 

After accepting a consulting engagement and prior to scheduling the call, consultants on Vancery must review and e-sign any and all documents required by the client. Again, these steps ensure that consultants are well-versed in the compliance expectations they are required to abide by.

Exclusion Criteria

Clients can set exclusion criteria to ensure their teams are not connecting with consultants that could expose the firm to MNPI. For example executives and former executives at a firm that the investment team is actively reviewing or doctors involved in clinical trials. Pre-approval settings ensure that, even if all other boxes are checked, someone still reviews each expert before each consultation. 

Call Features & Audit Support

When it comes to the actual consulting calls, the Vancery features call chaperoning and call recording functionality. These features give clients the ability to monitor calls in real-time or after the fact and support both internal and external audits. To support these audits further, Vancery allows clients to download a record of all interactions with any expert. This helps keep clients organized and prepared for any regulatory request.

All these compliance features and more help protect both our clients and consultants from MNPI pitfalls. Interested in learning more about Vancery’s approach to compliance?

Read the full Vancery Compliance Framework here.

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