Vancery Interview – Jason Lerman

Jason Lerman Vancery Interview
Jason Lerman

We recently sat down with Jason Lerman, Director of Operations at UNTUCKit, to learn more about his experience consulting on Vancery.

UNTUCKit is a New York City-based apparel brand. Their core products are casual shirts that are cut a bit shorter than typical men’s dress shirts and designed to be worn untucked.

As Director of Operations, Jason handles inventory, budgeting, quality assurance, and technology implementation.

How did you hear about Vancery?

I first heard about Vancery through my company’s founder, he was in conversations with Vancery and referred me because the specific question at the center of this project was more directly related to my role at UNTUCKit. I learned a bit more about the platform and signed up.

How did you find the sign-up process?

I thought signing up was really easy. You just create an account with your email and when you sign in there’s the ability to pull in your work history from LinkedIn, so my profile was created very easily.

I think consulting is great and it’s important to know what’s going on in the industry, but if you’re someone who is super busy, you probably shy away because of how long it takes to set up a profile or the paperwork, but I think Vancery made it really easy so that was a big plus.

When you were selected for a call, how did you find the scheduling process?

It was quite simple. Once I was picked for the call I was able to view the client’s calendar in the platform, simultaneously see mine, and pick a time that worked for us both. We actually had to reschedule because they had a conflict, but again it was very easy to just go back and pick a new time that worked for the two of us.

What are your thoughts on the actual call? How did it go? What did you like or not like about it?

I thought the call was pretty awesome! The person I talked to was doing field research on the topic we discussed. They were very in tune with the whole landscape which impressed me. It was less them asking a ton of questions, which is what I expected, and more of a conversation and discussion.

There were things on that call that I learned – statistics and other information that you would only get if you were actively networking in that space or at a conference, so it was very beneficial for me even as the consultant. I thought it was very easy going and conversational, it was a really great experience.

Would you recommend Vancery to a friend?

Yes I definitely would. I think I got out of it as much as the person I was consulting with and I think that’s something very unique about this type of consulting. It sort of goes both ways, both parties are learning something new. And I was happy that it was not an anonymous call. After the call we were able to connect on LinkedIn and now they are another great resource in my network to go to for anything down the line on the same topic.

What would you say to someone who might have reservations about joining?

I think I would just explain the experience I had on Vancery. It’s casual but business oriented, great for networking and great for getting feedback on what you’re doing versus what others in the industry are doing. And you don’t always have opportunities like that as a consultant. I would definitely do it again if the opportunity arises.

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