Vancery Expert Interview: Anthony Giardina

Anthony Giardina

We recently sat down with Anthony Giardina, VP of Commercial Operations at Q Mixers, to learn more about his experience consulting on Vancery.

Q Mixers is a Brooklyn-based beverage provider, and one of the fastest-growing cocktail mixer companies in the United States.

Had you done expert consultations before?

I had done a couple. It seems more recently it’s something people are asking of me. I was in the beer industry, and now I’m in the mixer industry. The mixer industry brings in the spirit industry, so I can talk on almost everything beverage-related, including non-alcoholic.

Spirit companies are doing ready-to-drink products that look like beer, spiked seltzer is emerging, and the high-end carbonated mixer market is growing.

The entire industry’s lines are blurring. It’s an interesting, fun time.

How was the onboarding experience?

Great. If I had to go through a lot of heavy lifting to talk to somebody for an hour, I probably wouldn’t be interested.

My point of contact Alejandra was fantastic. Onboarding through scheduling, all the way to receiving payment…it all went smoothly.

Tell us about the call itself. How was the conversation?

Good! It was conversational, but also specific and quantitative.

We went fairly far over the 1 hour scheduled period, and the client actually noted that I helped them with their modeling more than they expected.

I think they found it worthwhile.

What do you think is the most appealing aspect of consulting on Vancery?

For me, it was fun to chat with an analyst and, even in some ways, dare I say…I liked the challenge. 

Since I’m analytical but have a more full picture background, it’s fun to chat with a financial professional who might not understand the commercial side. Distributors, route to market, on-premise, off-premise…topics like that.

There’s a little bit of learning and providing experience.

Overall thoughts on your experience?

Having done a couple of these in the past, I thought Vancery was the smoothest, easiest process I’ve experienced.

I appreciate that I was paid as well for overtime—that was very nice. I’m definitely interested in doing more calls on Vancery.

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