Vancery Video: Collaboration and Privacy in HD

These past two months have fundamentally shifted how we communicate with each other. Video conferencing is now an omnipresent digital hub for both our professional and personal lives.

While its growth has helped keep weekly happy hour routines afloat (a wonderful development!), the video conferencing industry has sorely lacked effective tools to successfully and privately conduct market research.

We’re excited to introduce Vancery Video, the most advanced HD video solution for qualitative market research interviews. Vancery Video is packed with a variety of collaboration and privacy features.

Vancery Video is simultaneously a one-stop solution for all logistics of market research, and a cutting edge suite of tools to help your team conduct research interviews with precision. 

We’re here to help you transform your research process.

  • Conduct HD video interviews with subject-matter experts
  • Instant message your team via our in-call chat interface, outside of the interviewee’s view
  • Enable stealth client view of the call (via a 2-way privacy mirror!)
  • Share your windows, screen, or files in real time
  • Download recordings and transcriptions ready made for client deliverables

To learn more, view our full Vancery Video case study above or request a demo of the platform. We’re excited to help you take your video research to the next level!

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