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Primary research is hard. While the rapid outgrowth of social media has greatly enhanced our ability to find each other and connect, it hasn’t always assisted in the smooth transfer of industry knowledge for researchers in the investment world.

Performing primary research through organic lead generation can, naturally, be costly and time consuming. Between expert correspondence, scanning compliance documents, electronic bank wires, mailing checks….researchers are often losing essential hours of their day to paperwork and logistics.

While traditional Expert Network providers have helped many investors navigate this process, their high fees and recycled experts can serve as roadblocks to generating unique, cost-effective insights for researchers.


Self-Service through Vancery Onboarding

There is a clear market need for an efficient self-service tool to ease the burdens of the sourcing process and help researchers generate fresh, personalized insights for their teams.


Customize hourly rates for each organic lead and onboard them on your terms


Enter Vancery’s self-sourcing Onboarding software, a streamlining of the expert sourcing process designed to simplify all logistical concerns and forge lasting, impactful expert relationships.

  • Automated expert compliance onboarding and protection for both parties
  • Customizable hourly rates to stay within budget
  • Lasting relationships with industry experts YOU uniquely curate
  • Streamlining of all expert payments

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Software Built for Researchers First

Customized Rate Setting

The ability to propose customizable rates for a project allows researchers to keep costs low while still offering highly competitive rates (~$250) to top experts. In addition, Vancery waives fees for your first expert!

Universal Project Links


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Easily screen experts with Vancery’s all-in-one project invitations


Project invitation links allow researchers to smoothly distribute the project specs to contacts across any medium.

Unique Insights Accessed

Rather than using an Expert Network contact who has spoken to many other firms, researchers can directly generate unique insights from contacts they have personally sourced.


How Vancery Onboarding Helps You

Automated Compliance Onboarding and Screening

All new expert leads go through Vancery’s compliance training and electronically sign your firm’s required documents.

Compliance Risk Absorbed

Vancery’s compliance protections allow researchers to both iterate and expand their organic sourcing with peace of mind.

Expert Payments Streamlined


Vancery’s digital payment tools handle all payouts


Using Vancery’s built-in digital payments processes and infrastructure, researchers no longer need to worry about wire transfers or mailing checks!


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To learn more, view our full Onboarding case study or brush up on on Vancery‘s Video and Survey tools. We’re excited to help you simplify your primary research and begin making meaningful connections for your team!

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