Vancery Messaging: Privacy and Access

Our team is excited to introduce Vancery Messaging, a new paid messaging feature on the Vancery platform. 

Vancery Messaging will allow professionals to privately and safely exchange questions and advice for a small consulting fee. This form of micro-consulting was designed to allow for more flexible exchanges of knowledge without the overhead of traditional consulting contracts and retainers.

We built Vancery Messaging to enable more professional exchanges with people who can provide you advice on the topics you’re interested in learning about, by removing the friction inherent in exchanging professional advice with others.


exchanging professional advice


Privately Collaborate on Vancery Messaging

Supported by Vancery’s robust compliance infrastructure and privacy protections, Vancery Messaging provides experts and researchers with a protective digital workshop in which they can safely iterate and expand on new ideas and challenges. 

Conversations on Vancery are neither published nor made public, under any circumstances.

If you would like to remain anonymous to others on Vancery, you have the ability to manage privacy settings within your account. Privacy customization is a key part of the Vancery experience, where members have the ability at all times to hide their name, employer, and photo (Learn more about Vancery’s suite of Privacy features).

Vancery allows you to interact freely with other professionals, while only requiring you to provide as much about yourself as you are comfortable with.


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How Vancery is Changing Consulting 

Vancery Messaging is an exciting new step in professional connectivity, allowing individuals to safely collaborate with each other right from their phone, tablet, or laptop. With Vancery Messaging, you can now share your insights and experiences, build unique professional connections, and get paid…..all while staying on the couch and leaving the TV on. 

Many industries are in uncharted territory, and professionals are increasingly demanding effective, accessible, time-efficient expert advice. With Vancery Messaging, the ability to integrate with and collaborate across Vancery’s diverse community is faster and more direct than ever before.


How It Works

Any time someone initiates a paid messaging exchange with you, you will be notified via an email or if you have downloaded our mobile app on Android or iOS, as a push notification on your phone.

You will then have the ability to accept or reject the message, provide a written response, and receive compensation via a secure digital payment (Learn how payments work on Vancery here). 

All Vancery experts have the ability to connect their profiles to our secure payment processing tool  in the User Settings page of their account to start getting paid for the insights shared on the platform.

Rather than freeing up valuable personal time for a phone call, Vancery’s most in-demand experts can now privately share their advice and opinions in smaller snippets, helping researchers efficiently answer questions within moments.


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We are excited to move forward in partnership with all members of our growing community, finding ways to continue driving the newest ideas, products, and opportunities with unique and invaluable insight. 

Join our community today and begin collaborating with other professionals who value your experiences and advice!

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