Hospital Admins in the US South: Vancery Survey Study

The Goal

Over the last week, Vancery connected with a dozen Hospital Administrators seeking firsthand expert views regarding the capacity and ability of hospitals to combat the COVID-19 outbreak in urban areas of the US South.

The dozen Administrators participating in the survey oversee a combined 12,000+ hospital beds, concentrated in the cities of Dallas, Houston, Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville.

What We Found

When asked about their expectations for a COVID-19 vaccine, the Administrators surveyed were cautiously optimistic that a vaccine would be available prior to the upcoming flu season.

One respondent noted, “I am hopeful that companies will find one, but it may not be prior to September”, with another describing themselves as “hopefully confident”.

All respondents indicated expected continuation of elective patient activity in their facilities.

Notably, all respondents indicated that they had no expectation of their hospital dedicating all beds to COVID-19, therefore continuing elective patient activity onsite.

Additionally, 91% did not believe that demand for beds dedicated to COVID-19 patients would exceed their hospital’s capacity. 


91% of respondents did not believe bed capacity for COVID-19 patients would be exceeded in their hospitals.


Using the Vancery database, we were able to tap into a specific pool of medical administration expertise.

Substantive response data from a dozen top Hospital Admins in southern US cities was rapidly generated and visualized on Vancery without any time spent on the phone. (Learn more about Surveys on Vancery.)

Non-enterprise Vancery users are also empowered to ask one another questions via phone or in-app messaging.

Learn About Vancery Surveys for Enterprise

Access our Hospital Administrators Survey study to take a closer look at the outlook around hospital capacity in the US South and vaccine timeline expectations. 

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