Vancery Messaging: A New Frontier in Knowledge Sharing

Since the launch of paid Vancery Messaging earlier this month, it has been our great pleasure to watch countless professionals rapidly exchanging questions and advice for small consulting fees. 

This exciting new offering has enabled our enterprise clients to access industry expertise, make connections, and generate unique insights more rapidly than ever before.

Vancery Messaging continues to be an important step in Vancery’s ongoing mission to build the world’s best and most efficient digital knowledge marketplace. 

We’re excited to announce the launch of our peer-to-peer offering on Vancery Messaging, giving all members of our community the ability to send paid Vancery Messages (VMs) to other executives and experts on the Vancery platform.

Tap Into a World of Industry Expertise 

Since its inception, Vancery has operated around a central thesis of connecting professionals across geographies to collaborate and solve problems. 


Vancery is designed to help you identify the top professionals in your field of interest


Whether you’re looking to learn more about market shifts in an unfamiliar industry, need to speak to users of a growing software tool, or want to learn more about how companies are marketing themselves during COVID-19… can now rapidly access fresh insights

from Vancery’s community of experts through simply sending a VM.


Frequently Asked Questions

Make Meaningful Connections on VM

When you have identified another Vancery member that you’d like to engage in conversation, connection is as easy as sending a VM.


collaborate with other members
Easily incentivize collaboration with other members using paid Vancery Messages


The member will then be notified via an email or (if they have downloaded our mobile on Android or iOS) as a push notification on their smartphone. They will then have the ability to accept or reject your message, provide a written response, and receive compensation via a secure digital payment. (Learn more about privacy settings on Vancery here.)


engage in substantive conversations
Engage in substantive conversations with VM and generate unique insights from experienced professionals


How Does This Apply To Me?

With Vancery Messaging, all members now have the ability to both send and receive paid Vancery Messages.

Investment Professionals now have access to a high-speed tool to quickly answer pressing questions that will affect their models.

Small Business Owners can now easily harness experienced advisory and external opinions for expanding areas of their business.

College Students can contact experienced industry veterans to receive transparent professional advice and explore exciting new career paths.

Product Managers can tap into a wide range of buyer types for feedback, identify usage patterns, rapidly iterate new features, and prioritize development work.

Market Researchers have the ability to quickly pull quotes for client deliverables, easily plugging in the feedback of experienced professionals into their decks.

Corporate Strategy can readily assess the competitive landscape in their industry and access a high number of consumer opinions faster than ever.


experienced professionals
Innovate with a variety of experienced professionals on Vancery to accelerate your personal and professional growth


Vancery Messaging is a tool for everyone, irrespective of your current role or industry. Vancery Messaging provides the infrastructure to get the questions you need answered, as well as incentive and opportunity for you to share your unique expertise with other professionals in need.

We look forward to watching the Vancery community continue to collaborate with each other in driving the newest ideas, products, and opportunities with unique and invaluable insight. 

The beginnings of an unprecedented information marketplace are underway….will you join us?

Next Steps

To get started, join the Vancery community now!

If you’d like to use Vancery’s tools as an enterprise client, request a demo at or email our team at


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