Quant2Qual Surveys: A New Frontier in Trend Monitoring

For management consultants, institutional investors, and corporations, market research surveys, while an effective tool, can come with challenges:

  • Data can lack context given the anonymity of respondents
  • A lack of overlap between qualitative and quantitative data makes it difficult to easily visualize consensus
  • Data become outdated rapidly as shifts in the market occur

Vancery’s Quant2Qual Survey tool allows for non-anonymous, recurring surveys that provide insight into market trends over time with a substantive mix of qualitative and quantitative data.

With Vancery, dive deeper into your survey data, directly correspond with respondents, and visualize trends over time.

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A New Level of Detail in Trend-Watching 

Using our suite of visualization tools, closely monitor changes over time in your industry of interest with recurring questions fielded at the cadence of your choice to a curated population of the world’s top subject matter experts.

time series survey visualization
Track and visualize changes over time to reflect market shifts
  • Access iterations of a recurring survey, or view all versions visualized over time
  • Zero in on how different response options rise, fall, and intersect over time as changes occur

Evaluate Competitive Product Sets

Index competitive product sets to drill into competitive differentiation in a market and utilize visualizations to track changes in ranking over time.

survey results visualization
Drill into specific versions to uncover divergent views or changes in responses.


Contextualize Your Data

Add context and clarity to your results with a full, non-anonymous view of respondent profiles, individual responses, and the ability to engage in supplementary conversations via phone call or direct message.

contextualize your data

View professional profiles for each respondent and request a call or directly message respondents to contextualize their answers.

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How Does This Apply To Me?


Quant2Qual Surveys on Vancery are a comprehensive research solution for simultaneously compiling quantitative and qualitative research, with an unprecedented level of granularity and access to respondents.

Vancery allows users to utilize a variety of question types to tease out insights, closely examine changes over time, and continue the conversation with respondents through direct messaging or phone calls.

The next generation of survey research is here. The insights are waiting for you.


Next Steps

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