Make B2B Market Research Your Superpower In 2022

B2B Market Research

Releasing a product without conducting B2B market research is like jumping head-first into a pool without making sure it’s filled with water. We know you know that market research is an essential process that helps you understand current market needs and fine-tune market positioning accordingly. It helps defend and improve a company’s market position, build solid relationships with customers and partners, and ultimately increase profit margins. 

What B2B Market Research Can Do for Your Business






Frequently Asked Questions

B2B Market Research Methodologies Need to Step Up 

B2B research methodologies have been slow to transform and keep up with the digital times. While Product Marketers and Market Researchers are all living and working online, their tools for conducting research are fragmented and still mostly manual. 


What do we mean by that?






Making B2B Market Research Easy the Vancery Way 

We’ve created Vancery to become the B2B market research platform we never had but wish we did. Our goal is to make market research more manageable and accurate by addressing the above issues and offering much-needed advantages. Vancery’s end-to-end platform covers all  B2B market research needs, including planning, gathering, and crunching the data.





Vancery provides one platform with better tools for better research: Plan and conduct surveys, interviews (with or without video), and messaging. Gather all data, analyze and report it. This makes ongoing and periodic surveys, spotting changes in customer preferences, and keeping your product market research up to date on the latest trends and demands, a whole lot easier.



We know that the quicker you gather, integrate, and analyze customer research insights, the faster you’re able to perfect and ship products and achieve product-market fit and business success.  Finally, there’s a platform that suits current market research methodologies.


We hope that this article helps you ask the right questions, seek the right solutions, and find them all in one place, with Vancery.


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